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Greetings Dear Reader, 

I’m taking the opportunity to share some reflections, contemplations, musings, tips about the end-of-life knowledge that I have acquired through my years of study and Death Doula experiences. I share with an open mind, meaning that what I share is about what I know at this time understanding that some of it may change as my knowledge deepens and my experiences widen my horizon, or as other factors come to light refining my Death Doula offerings. 


My hope is that my sharing piques your curiosity, that it leads to reflections of your own values and beliefs, the meaning of life and death, and that it engages you in dialogue with yourself, with your friends and family, that it opens a space for the subject of death and dying and all of its gifts, challenges and permutations to be discussed, contemplated and reflected on, and shared. 


May we all be more open to the adventure of living and dying every day so as to prepare for our final days and transition to the Great Beyond, whatever that may mean or be for each of us.


I see you.

I hear you.

You matter - your life and death matter.




Disclaimer … The information contained anywhere on this website is provided for general information only and it is meant to complement, not replace, any health care professional service you are receiving nor is it to be taken as legal advice. If the reader has any concerns or questions about their health condition, contact your health care provider(s) to discuss and address your concerns. As for any legal questions or concerns you may have, further research is essential to address your specific needs and requirements. Readers are encouraged to retain qualified legal counsel to address their concerns and answer any legal questions you may have pertaining to their life circumstances as well as take into account the laws where you reside. 

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