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Archetypal Consulting

Archetypal work involves a process of self-reflection to get to know yourself at a deeper level.


It provides the opportunity to illuminate the patterns that are recurring in your life and learn how to consciously work with them.

Archetypes are universal impersonal patterns, and like snowflakes, each archetype is expressed uniquely. 

They manifest through each one of us, and being aware of these patterns gives you a better understanding of what is manifesting in your life.
Learning to live life with the archetypal forces within you is a skill that will enhance the quality of your life and your relationships.

How do we work with archetypes?

Below are possible things we can work with together. When we meet we can determine what is the best possible path for you. 


Understanding the Four Survivor Archetypes


The survivor archetypes are the Child, the Victim, the Prostitute, and the
Saboteur. Each of these four survivor archetypes has light and shadow attributes that you can learn to recognize and deepen your understanding of how they manifest in your life as well as learn to transform the shadow attributes.

Exploring archetypes unique to you

These patterns are specific to you and travel with you your whole life, helping you to survive, grow and expand as the unique individual that you are. There are other archetypes that come in and out of your life, but, these archetypes stay with you throughout your life. Along with the four survivor archetypes you have an additional eight archetypes. 

We typically can complete the selection of your archetypes in 2 to 3 sessions with you working on the list in-between our meetings. 

Working with archetypes for transformation 

There are various ways that we can work with archetypes for transformation.


  • If you have selected your unique archetypes as mentioned above, you can then work with additional archetypes to deepen your knowledge and insights on specific areas of your life. This process encompasses 36 archetypes of which 12 are your unique archetypes. Working with archetypes in this way can be about bringing in more of something in your life, such as joy, creativity, or balance or insights or it could be about transforming a bad habit. It can also be about transforming more problematic aspects of your life. Depending on your goal, we can work with this process from 3 to 8 weeks for lesser problems, or, work with this process for 1 year with something that has been problematic for many years despite other work you've already done. 

  • Alternatively, if you have not selected your unique archetypes, no worries, we can still engage with the archetypes and have transformation processes. Contact me for more details.

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